Syncing page content with HTML5 video

HTML5 video

HTML5 video is native video for browsers based on the the <video> element..

Miro Video converter

Miro Video converter is an open source video conversion tool for Mac that makes it very easy to convert videos to all kind of formats via drag and drop. for conversion is a web site dedicated to archiving the internet. For content released as with a Creative Commons license it offers hosting for video and audio and automatically converts the content to MP4 and Ogg Video for you. for conversion into dozens of formats is a web service by which creates dozens of formats of an uploaded video in almost real time. Using you get a single URL that redirects browsers and mobile phones to the format they support the best.

Syncing video and page content (source code)

This is the source code of this demo on GitHub for you to fork and look at.

Popcorn.js makes it easy to sync video with other content

Popcorn.js is a HTML5 video framework that makes it easy to sync video with other page content.

Butter is a point and click interface to create interactive demos synced with video

Butter makes is easy to create portable HTML5 content that is synced with a video.